Samoa Pulp Mill

My Photographs of the Somoa Pulp Mill and the surrounding area were on display from March 6 to March 31, 2010 at Eureka Books in Eureka, CA. Vance Lumber Company purchased the Humboldt Bay frontage from Samoa Land and Improvement Company for construction of a large sawmill in 1892. The Samoa sawmill was the largest in Humboldt County in 1900. A sash and door factory was added to the mill complex by 1909. Georgia-Pacific Corporation purchased the Samoa sawmill complex in 1956 and began operation of a plywood mill in 1958. A modern sawmill replaced the original sawmill facilities in 1964. A pulp mill began operation in 1965. The last old-growth timber was milled in 1980, and the area was set for sale in 2001.

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