Surveillant is a 45 second motion graphic loop created from composited video, audio, 2D and 3D animation that was on display in The Woodbury Art Museum from November 4 – December 20, 2015. The piece depicts a surveillance video camera documenting the underground cement basement of a large structure at night. The safety lights are dim but when motion is detected the overhead lights automatically illuminate. A supernatural life form quickly flies into the scene hovering above the ground. It appears to be conducting surveillance of its own on the surrounding complex. The life form causes disruption to the electrical systems and distortion to the video camera quality as it passes by, then quickly exits the scene. Surveillant is an Orwellian commentary on the current state of mass surveillance in modern society where one might ask, ‘what phenomena might we capture if we are always recording?’ Or, ‘what are the intentions of those who are recording me?’

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