Yukon Fox

The Yukon Fox is a wearable art piece created with metallic gold spandex, a faux fur skirt, top, cuffs, leg warmers, choker and headpiece. A geographically relevant piece, the news of the Yukon Gold Rush of 1896 instigated a journey for many Washington natives to north-western Canada. Fox refers to the fur worn in cold climates for warmth such as Northern Canada, or Russia. With a hint of innuendo signifying feminine beauty, Yukon Fox is bawdy arctic haute couture. The 2015 show includes 25 artists and 36 pieces. The Port Townsend Wearable Art Show is a fundraiser for Jefferson County Community Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls. Now a yearly show, held on Mother’s Day weekend in May, The Port Townsend Wearable Art Show has become the hit of spring, with all previous shows completely sold out! Jean Cacicedo was the juror for the 2015 Wearable Art Show. A teacher and artist based in Berkeley, California, Cacicedo’s pieced and sewn, slashed, felted and dyed constructions have been published and displayed around the world. In 2000, a 30 year retrospective of her work was featured at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco. A wearable art show melds art and fashion, using the human form as a kinetic part of an artistic piece. This one is modeled on wildly popular wearable art shows in cities like Baton Rouge, Ketchikan, Halifax, and Wellington, New Zealand. Special Thanks to: Teresa Hoffman for modeling, Dani Dooley for costume construction assistance, and Taylor Steele for video editing assistance.

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